Twisted Trees in Twilight – Hunting Island State Park, South Carolina

Twisted Trees in Twilight at Hunting Island State Park, SC
Speaking of twisted (previous post),  I noticed that leaves are the only parts of trees I’ve posted so far!  So it’s time for one of my weirder tree images, “Twisted Trees in Twilight at Hunting Island State Park, SC”.  A few years ago in August, my family camped less than 100 yards from the Atlantic Ocean at Hunting Island State Park, a uniquely beautiful spot in the SC lowlands.  These nearby trees were partially lit by camp lights at twilight.  I still don’t know the species, but their odd inter-twinings made me think of the intricacies of interpersonal relationships.  Here are more of my Hunting Island views. Twisted Trees & many of my images are available matted or framed, or on metal & acrylic on  my FAA site    -–Anna Lisa


Pennsylvania Shows Her True Colors

Sugar Maple Leaf Backlit with Dry Leaves

Sugar Maple Leaf; Quakertown, Bucks County, PA

In this season of changing colors, I start my first photography blog. I have great interest in bringing folks ’round to the observation that there are at least as many ways of seeing as there are people in this world. Another thing– It’s a great and exciting world, yet there’s wondrous beauty being overlooked right in our own backyard. The back-lit leaf above fell about 20 ft. from my back door, & I spent over an hour photographing the scene. The fall closeup below, “Maple Leaf Pair on Moody Grey Rock” is an oldie from my good old Kodachrome 64 days that seems to be a favorite for many of my viewers. Hope you’ll enjoy the colors & viewpoints here, & the surprises of the backyard as well as around the planet! The link to the right takes you to my entire gallery; I’ll attempt to add new photos frequently. I hope to eventually add some poetry pages. –Anna Lisa

Maple Leaf Pair on Moody Grey Rock

Acer saccharum leaves found on hike near Canadensis, PA

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